Low Steppa & Crusy – “Bullerengue”

The legendary Defected Records turns 25, and they’re throwing a party that transcends borders. Their “Together” series brings together seasoned veterans and fresh faces, and this time, it’s a heavyweight collab: Low Steppa, the mastermind behind Simma Black, and the Spanish selector Crusy. These two have already made waves with “This Is The Sound” on DFTD in 2023, and their latest offering, “Bullerengue,” promises to be another dance floor bomb.

Forget the usual club fare. “Bullerengue” takes a sharp turn for the exotic, drawing inspiration from the rich musical tapestry of Colombia and Panama. Native vocal samples weave their magic throughout the track, adding a layer of authenticity that instantly transports you to sun-drenched shores. But don’t be fooled by the tropical vibes – this is still a Defected release at its core. Low Steppa’s signature driving beats provide the foundation, ensuring this global groove keeps your feet firmly planted on the dance floor.

“Bullerengue” is a perfect example of what the “Together” series is all about: pushing boundaries, exploring new sounds, and creating music that unites people across cultures. It’s a testament to Defected’s enduring legacy and a sign of even more exciting things to come. So crank up the volume, raise a glass to 25 years of incredible music, and prepare to be swept away by the infectious rhythms of “Bullerengue.”

You can buy Bullerengue on Traxsource here – or whereever you get your music.

Bob Marley Gets a Remix: Jamming (Fisher Rework)

The undisputed reggae king, Bob Marley, is no stranger to posthumous remixes. His timeless catalogue offers a treasure trove of grooves for producers to reimagine. The latest entry is “Jamming (Fisher Rework)” by Australian DJ FISHER, currently sitting at number one on the Beatport charts.

This rework takes the iconic 1977 anthem and injects a dose of contemporary tech house. The original’s infectious energy is translated through a bumping four-on-the-floor beat and pulsing bassline. Marley’s vocals remain untouched, a welcome nod to the song’s legacy.

However, for some listeners, the “Fisher Rework” might feel a touch uninspired. The electronic elements, while competent, offer a relatively basic foundation compared to the rich tapestry of the original. The signature guitar skanks and the interplay between drums and percussion are absent, leaving a sonic space that some might find lacking in depth.

One wonders if the rework necessarily elevates the original. “Jamming” already possessed an undeniable dancefloor magic thanks to its infectious groove and Marley’s uplifting message. The “Fisher Rework” undeniably delivers a club-ready version, but it sacrifices some of the original’s sonic textures and nuanced instrumentation.

Perhaps the track’s chart success speaks to the enduring power of Marley’s music. Even a straightforward rework can find an audience hungry for a familiar classic reinterpreted for a modern soundscape. Whether it adds something new to the original is certainly debatable.

You can buy Jamming (Fisher Rework) here or wherever you get your music.

George Cynnamon – You can do it

Get ready for a shot of pure positivity! George Cynnamon’s new track, “You Can Do It,” is a house music anthem that injects pure sunshine into your ears. This feel-good banger lays down a foundation of solid, driving four-on-the-floor beats, perfect for getting your head nodding and feet moving. But “You Can Do It” isn’t just about the rhythm.

On top of that infectious groove, shimmering uplifting piano chords weave their magic. They build a sense of hope and optimism, perfectly complementing the track’s message of empowerment. Vocals, whether soulful samples or clear, soaring toplines (depending on the specific version you’re listening to), become the heart of the song. They deliver the titular message with a conviction that’s impossible to resist. This, together with the driving bassline make this a surefire dancefloor hit.

George Cynnamon expertly crafts a track that’s both uplifting and danceable. “You Can Do It” feels like a warm embrace on a tough day, a reminder to push forward and chase your dreams. It’s a perfect anthem for the dance floor or a personal pick-me-up. This is a house track guaranteed to leave you feeling motivated and ready to take on the world!

You can buy You can do it by George Cynnamon here on Traxsource.