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Where Beats Crash and Genres Collide

The origins of trax Radio UK

Back in 1996, amidst a particularly dull traffic jam, a rogue disco ball bounced out of a truck and landed smack dab on the head of our founder, DJ Funkenstein McDiscopants (yes, that’s his real name, now simply known as Simon). 

Dazed but strangely invigorated, Funkenstein saw a vision: a radio station where genres wouldn’t just coexist, they’d throw an epic dance party. Forget the tyranny of Top 40! Here, breakbeats would tango with funk, electro would do the robot with house, and hip-hop would fist bump with soul under a disco ball the size of a small moon.


Fueled by questionable amounts of caffeine and an endless supply of glowsticks, Funkenstein rallied a motley crew of DJs – the Disco Demolition Squad, if you will. There was Captain Vinyl Scratch, the master of dusty crates and forgotten hits. DJ Glitterstorm, whose mixing skills were rumored to induce spontaneous levitation. And let’s not forget MC Smooth Talk, whose rhymes could melt glaciers and open portals to other dimensions (allegedly).

Together, they hijacked a rusty radio tower using nothing but duct tape, disco anthems, and sheer audacity. And so, Trax Radio was born! 

Obviously, with the advent of the internet, not to mention the cost of running a radio station Trax has transitioned to Internet Radio where you’ll find them rocking hard to the fat beats and the savage synths. Struggling to find the station? Click here to find out how to listen to us.

From 18:00 GMT onwards, every single day, the airwaves crackle with the energy of our genre-bending sets, each DJ spinning their own sonic tapestry. 

It’s a sonic playground where anything goes, a dance floor for your ears, a testament to the unifying power of a good beat. So, crank up the volume, grab your imaginary glowsticks, and get ready to experience the musical mayhem that is Trax Radio!

Just don’t blame us if your furniture starts spontaneously grooving.

If you’ve got this far then well done you! Tune in, or check out our Mixcloud – links below in the footer – drop us comments on Facebook or wherever you get your socials. 

For events, bookings etc drop us a line on Facebook, we are genuinely awesomely nice people to deal with who love music of all kinds!