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Ways to listen

So you’ve decided this is the station you’ve been looking for all of your life, the one that is going to set fire to your playlists and give you everything you want all night long. 

Well strap in, there’s a list, and it’s long. Basically if you have an internet connection you’re hopping. If you haven’t got an internet connection and you’re reading this you’re quite obviously telling fibs!

All the stuff below…go on scroll already…stop reading this bit now…scroll…tune in…turn on…drop out…

Ways to listen to the main station

Get Me Radio – Online & App

Radio UK – Online & App

Zeno Radio – Online & App

MyTunerRadio – Online & App

Also…you’re here…click play at the bottom!

Catchup & Livestreams

Missed a show or fancy some tunes to bang out at a party or home, the car park or wherever you get your entertainment? We got you..

Mixcloud – all our shows are saved here and uploaded daily

If you want to check us out live we’re on Mixcloud Live (same link above) and Twitch or watch live below!


Join our Facebook Group to get involved in the station, chat to the DJs, meet the community and find out about events and shows.