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Carl the Jackal – In my soul

Carl The Jackal Unleashes a Summer Sonic Missile: In My Soul Review

Hold onto your pool floats, folks, because one of our own, Trax DJ Carl The Jackal has just dropped a summer anthem so potent it’s practically criminal. “In My Soul” isn’t just a song, it’s a full-on aural assault on your happy receptors, guaranteed to have you grinning like a loon and dancing like nobody’s watching (even if they totally are).

The bassline in this track burrows deeper than a beach bum after a free ice cream giveaway. It’s a relentless, pulsating groove that gets under your skin and refuses to let go. Then, just as you think things can’t get any more infectiously funky, a wailing female sample swoops in like a banshee on vacation. It’s a sound that could shatter glass or melt hearts, depending on your vibe.

But fear not, gentle listener, because the uplifting drum loop swoops in to save the day. It’s a relentless rhythm that practically begs you to move your feet. And just when you think you’ve reached peak dancefloor frenzy, Carl The Jackal throws in a series of risers that would make a rollercoaster operator blush. These things build and build, sending shivers down your spine and a primal urge to throw your hands skyward coursing through your veins.

“In My Soul” is more than just a collection of catchy elements, though. It’s a masterclass in building energy and keeping the party pumping. It’s the kind of track that soundtracks poolside lounging, late-night beach bonfires, and questionable dance moves at three AM. It’s sunshine in sonic form, a reminder that summer is all about letting loose and feeling the good vibes.

So crank up the volume, grab your dancing shoes, and prepare to have “In My Soul” burrow into your brain and take up permanent residence. This is a summer smash you won’t want to miss.

You can get it wherever you get your music from or check this link to do all the Spotify pre-save, Beatport etc crazy things!

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