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I started DJing as a bit of a fluke really. As a Glass collector in one of Swansea’s Biggest Clubs at the time, Sloanes Night Club in the late 80’s,  I helped The Resident DJ out and took over the Decks for 10 minutes. That was it for me, I was hooked. 

From there I worked hard as a Mobile DJ and got a Residency at a Busy Music Bar plus working the crowd in the Club I started at Sloanes, from  time to time..

Things grew and I became a DJ in several Clubs in South Wales.  

Quids Inn Both in Swansea and Newport , Poo Na Na Club and covered a couple of events in Ibiza and Mallorca and couple of Radio Stations.

I stop for a few years (Family life etc) But back in 2018 I got the Technics out, dusted them off, bought a cheap Second hand controller (I’d never used Digital Before) and started up again. 

I was looking for a  reputable Radio Station at this turned out to be TRAX RADIO UK  and I’ve never looked back since.  

Equipment has now become better and I play off a Pioneer XDJ XZ  and still use my Technics too from time to time. 

My Music Genre varies from House, NuDisco, Deep House, Funk and Disco But never forgetting my Roots and playing Club Classics from the 90’s