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Menace started out as an accident, at a rave in a field he was sitting in the tent out the back with his friends and someone came in with a box of records and asked if anyone fancied filling in for a DJ who hadn’t turned up.

Couldn’t mix for toffee but knew a tune of course he steps up and volunteers, playing a 70 min set of all kinds of tunes to just over 1000 people (ish) in a field on the outskirts of Essex. 

Playing at numerous gigs around the M25, mostly the ones that required you to follow a fella from a Shell garage to some field in the middle of nowhere, he soon learnt to mix up a storm and was playing out regularly to fields of sweaty ravers. 

In 88 he moved to Ibiza for a year and expanded his musical education playing at Cafe Del Mar & Pacha amongst others. 

On the return to the UK he continued playing illegal raves where genres didn’t matter and it was all about the choon. So when illegal raves got shut down he moved to playing clubs in London, mostly, along with a few appearances around the country. Notably the Drum Club, Milk Bar, Rocket, Camden Palais amongst others. Falling out of love with the scene and the imminent birth of his first child Menace stopped completely, the scene had become about money and music was secondary, genres had always been there, now they became the ‘thing’, so you were a jungle DJ or a house DJ. 

Given that Menace would sooner play Sympathy for the Devil in amongst hardcore breakbeats, this shift in the scene made him step back. 

In the last 5 years he’s got back into it, small parties, the odd gig here and there and now playing on Trax Radio every wednesday 7-9 where you’re as likely to hear ELO as you are Chemical Brothers. 

Enjoy this trip, because it is a trip.