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Fly Away (feat. Kimberly Brown & The Sultra Gospel Singers) – Michael Gray

A Familiar Soaring, But Does It Take Flight?

Michael Gray takes to the skies with “Fly Away,” featuring the powerhouse vocals of Kimberly Brown and the uplifting harmonies of The Sultra Gospel Singers. The track, a rework of Secret Life’s club classic “As Always” (itself rooted in Stevie Wonder’s soulful ballad “As”), aims for a similar euphoric dancefloor experience.

However, the formula raises a question: does “Fly Away” recapture the magic, or simply echo a well-worn path? The answer might depend on your nostalgia levels.

Gray’s production is undeniably slick. A bouncy bassline propels the track forward, disco-infused flourishes add sparkle, and the gospel singers deliver their signature uplifting energy. It’s a familiar recipe, expertly executed.

Yet, here’s the rub: compared to Secret Life’s “As Always,” “Fly Away” feels a touch derivative. The original’s raw energy and sense of discovery are somewhat muted in this polished reimagining. While undeniably danceable, “Fly Away” doesn’t quite ignite the same spark.

For those yearning for a fresh take on the gospel-house fusion, “Fly Away” might leave you wanting. But for fans of the genre’s established sounds, it’s a competent, radio-friendly offering. Ultimately, “Fly Away” soars competently, but perhaps lacks the same audacious originality that made the tracks it references such enduring classics.

You can buy Fly Away on Traxsource or wherever you buy your music.

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