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Nelly started his DJ journey 2001 stumbling upon a job as a glass collector at the world’s famous nightclub, Wigan Pier. Having the opportunity to watch and learn on a weekly basis from some of the best DJs around at that time, absorbing as much knowledge and skills every weekend, sat in the DJ box at times, he got his first set of turntables and never looked back. From there he worked the local bars and clubs in his hometown of Skelmersdale. 

Fast forward to 2017 and after downing tools for many years and embracing parenthood, the dust got blown off and Nelly returned to his first love. With a fresh canvas and new ideas, The Unit Presents was formed. A bunch of 30+ year olds who still thrive and love to play Donk !. The events have come together, venturing out to play at venues in Liverpool & Wigan, playing alongside some of the biggest Bounce & Scouse House DJs and MCs.  

Now he enjoys playing his weekly show on Trax Radio Uk – every Wednesday at 9pm! Bringing to the airwaves the biggest and best of Bounce – Scouse House – Clubland Classics