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Daz willott

Rave Legend and Pioneer

His DJ career spanning decades, a passion that never fades. Daz Willott is more than just a DJ; he’s an icon, a pioneer, and a living legend who helped shape the UK rave scene from its early days to the present.

Your story is etched in the fabric of dance music history. His DJ career started from playing Electro / Hip-hop at his local superclub, The Place Night Club, Stoke – On – Trent. He soon picked up on the house / acid sound and landed a residency at, Introspective the first acid house night in stoke on Trent.

He then moved on to the legendary clubs like Entropy and Shelleys in Stoke-on-Trent, he was spinning alongside the greats, Carl Cox, Sasha, Stu Allan, Rat Pack, Grooverider, K-Klass, Mark Acher (Altern-8), shades of rhythm, to name a few.

Daz has infectious energy and expertly curated sets. From the groundbreaking all-night raves at Eclipse to the iconic stages of Amnesia House and Fantazia, Helter Skelter, Gods Kitchen, his journey reflects the evolution of house rave music itself.

In 1999, Daz Willott did a brief Dj tour of the house rave capital known as Ibiza. Here, he played at Edan for the Amnesia House Tour, and he also played for the infamous Amnesia Club.

But Daz’s legacy extends beyond iconic venues and pulsating crowds. Daz was a key player in promoting Entropy & Club Kinetic, nights in Perth WA Australia, and was the first promoter in Perth to work closely alongside the council to bring the first legal raves to the Wearhouse’s. bringing a unique international flavour to the scene.

Daz Willotts’ passion still burns brighter than ever. Today, Daz continues to captivate audiences with his timeless sets, seamlessly blending old-school gems with contemporary cuts. Playing out to regular old skool events, like Shelleys Reunions, Entropy, Rejuvenate, Back to The Dock, Bowlers, Amnesia House, Illusion, Raves of Longton His dedication to the craft and unwavering love for music inspires future generations of DJs and future partygoers alike.

Daz Willott is more than just a DJ; he’s a cultural icon, a tastemaker, and a true ambassador for the rave scene. His passion for music and his commitment to the community have left an indelible mark on generations of dancers and DJs alike, both in the past and for the future.

Now, with his future venture with Trax Radio Uk, he still continues to stride to the every evolving dance scene.