YoYo Bop – Skantia Review

Aural Assault or Audio Ambien?

Skantia’s latest sonic offering, “Yoyo Bop,” arrives with the subtlety of a jackhammer auditioning for a starring role in a Michael Bay film. Buckle up, music lovers (or should I say, brace yourselves?), because this track is about to take you on a thrilling journey…straight to the land of sonic oblivion.

The “hook,” if you can charitably call it that, sounds suspiciously like a malfunctioning smoke alarm possessed by a particularly vengeful gremlin. It’s the kind of repetitive noise you’d expect to find lurking in the bargain bin of free sound effect downloads, labeled ominously as “Presets of Pure Aural Agony.” This delightful sample is then looped into oblivion, a testament to the power of persistence (or perhaps just a severe lack of imagination).

The breakbeat, bless its nonexistent soul, is about as exciting as watching paint dry on a sloth’s back. It possesses all the rhythmic dynamism of a flatlining electrocardiogram. Frankly, I’d rather subject myself to the dulcet tones of white noise, or even the fascinating symphony of dust mites performing a synchronized tap dance on my carpet, than endure another second of this sonic torture.

“Yoyo Bop” is the musical equivalent of cut-and-paste gone rogue. It’s a Frankenstein’s monster of uninspired samples stitched together with all the finesse of a toddler wielding safety scissors. This aural assault is clearly aimed at listeners who’ve achieved a level of euphoria so profound they wouldn’t recognize Beethoven’s Fifth if it personally serenaded them with a kazoo.

So, is Yoyo Bop a masterpiece of electronic music pushing the boundaries of the genre? Or is it simply a sonic abomination fit only for inducing migraines in unsuspecting victims? You be the judge. Just remember, if you choose the latter, earplugs are highly recommended (and possibly mandatory for the sake of public safety).

If you want to buy it, somehow it’s in the Top 10, you can find it on Beatport.